Covered Bridge

We’re terribly confused.

The Covered Bridge Regatta is held on Dexter Lake, about twenty five minutes east of Eugene. It’s a beautiful spot; tucked up in the foothills of the Cascades and very scenic. The club there (Oregon Association of Rowers) has done a great job organizing the regatta and putting the money earned back into their racecourse; this year they debuted a full six-lane racecourse and it looks fantastic.

The confusion results from this; for the ten to twelve years we’ve either been going to this regatta or known people who have gone there has been rain. Often this rain has been relentless and continuous throughout the day. This is natural; up against the mountains in Oregon during April it’s supposed to rain. It is the way of the spring. The trees get leaves, the flowers come up, Covered Bridge is very wet.

A year ago we started getting confused; it was 85 and brilliantly sunny. This year, our confusion increases: partially sunny, no rain, and completely calm water make for excellent racing conditions. It’s a good confusion, and we like it, but at the same time our sense of trust in nature has been disturbed.

A good day for us yesterday with three wins, most all crews placing in the top three, and lots of work done during the day. Results are up and a full report will follow our website. Lots of people were taking pictures; I’m looking for some of them and will work on putting up a photo post Monday.


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