The Goose is Loose

The picture at the top of this blog was taken at the Covered Bridge regatta in 2007; it’s one of my favorite shots. We’re headed back there tomorrow (Lincoln & I take the trailer down tonight) and looking forward to a good race.

Typical pre-regatta day; we had a short but very effective row working on rhythm, then spending a few minutes working starts. I’m very impressed with the women’s 8 and their stride strokes; the transition from the high starting sprint into our base rhythm is working well in practice right now. I wish I could follow the race tomorrow; it’d be nice to see that on the course. Speedcoach data will have to be a stand-in.

Post row goes like this; all boats on slings and de-rigged, load them on the trailer plus oars, riggers, and big piles of assorted tools and parts ready to go in the truck this afternoon. Back home, quick breakfast, up to campus, in the office for about two hours to try to stay on top of paperwork for this trip and take care of my duties as confrence president looking towards next weekend. Off to the hardware store, the bank, fill up the truck, then to Costco for everyone’s eating during the day (budget: $200, spent: $199.22!). Side note; I wish we could tally the total number of calories purchased in one of these Costco trips. Back home now for lunch and to pack, then off to the boathouse this afternoon to pack up the truck, hitch up, and head out around 3:30.

Line of the day; for some inexpliciable reason we’ve run out of straps. We had 20+ extra last spring but seem to be short now. The last boat on was one of our pairs, the Snow Goose. So we were one strap short. Meghann came over and, with an absolute straight face, informed me:

“The Goose is Loose.”


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