Happy April Fools!

My favorite bit of April foolery today is this, because I can identify with it personally.

Race preparations go very well, although I was stymied for a bit by some computer problems first at home, then at work. Quick message to all of our prospects: My work computer has me locked out so I can’t pull your e-mails. CONGRATS! to all who’ve been admitted. You’ll be hearing from us early next week but don’t hesitate to e-mail or call if you have questions at the moment.

Good practice this morning in less-then-wonderful conditions. The breakthrough glimpsed yesterday started to crack through. . . we made some nice progress in the run on the shell, in staying in control while applying power, and in holding onto the leg drive all the way to the release. The team is tired from three solid workouts this week but we’ll back off a bit tomorrow and Friday and get ready to rip it up Saturday.


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