Mo Racing

Racing 3-25 from Sam Taylor on Vimeo.

Spring Break, day 2. Article in the Oregonian this morning about binge drinking for spring break. . . I don’t think our athletes are indulging in such at the moment, and I hope not otherwise as well. I’d say binge rowing is more correct.

Good technical row this morning, continuing to work on connection as the rate ramps up and with a little bit of work on starts. This afternoon was AWESOME as we got a women’s varsity 8 together and met up with Rose City Rowing Club to do some 2′ pieces. DIII rules allow informal scrimmages against junior programs within 50 miles. It works out very well for us since RCRC is about 4k downstream. The men took advantage yesterday afternoon and today it was the women’s turn.

The big breakthrough for us today was intensity on the drive; I was incredibly pleased to see the attack on each piece and the level of commitment from the crew. We certianly have a lot to figure out still on the technical end, but overall our speed was very good and we were taking seats from the RCRC varsity at base cadence, which is a very good sign. As I told the women this morning, RCRC is very well coached, strong, and experienced– if we can race with them we’re in the ball game in our confrence.

To work on in the next two days: starts. Most especially keeping the current intensity and drive while staying composed on the recovery and keeping our timing and technique established.

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