Best Memories

Spring break is off and running; we had a great erg and lift around noon and hit the water around 3:30. Excellent row; eight and a pair out as we’re still missing a few but we got some great work done working connection and holding onto force against the blade as the rate goes up. The pair was impressive all day, keeping up with the eight throughout. Waiting for the dock, though. . . stroke let go of her oar. It went around all the way parallel to the shell. I thought they were done for. Amazingly, they stayed calm (ish), relaxed, and got the blade back to stay dry.

Had a prospective rower out today in the launch as well and got to talk about my vision for the team and what I value in a program. I have one memory I keep coming back to as my ideal of what a DIII program should be. One year I had the fortune to coach a crew that made it to the national championship and earned a place on the podium. This was a dedicated group, hard workers, intelligent, the whole package. Best of all they knew how to have fun. The highlight of my year was having multiple coaches and rowers mention to us at the national championships how we were having the best time there.

To me, this is the perfect program; performing at the highest level, enjoying spending time with teammates, and having a tremendously great time doing so.


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