Test Sucess!

Good tests this morning. Most important for me: everyone pulled. That’s never a given in the middle of the spring season, when nagging injuries and illness can take their toll. People have a few aches and pains, and some have lost a few days due to sickness, but on the whole the squad is very healthy this year.

Overall we saw the numbers from the test today that we expected. Because we’ve spent some additional time on the erg this spring our athletes delivered exactly what we challenged them to; consistent aggression, solid numbers, and most came in within a second of their overall goal pace. To be “off” on this squad today you were two seconds away from your target split, which to me is actually just fine.

I sent this link to the team once we were done today; I saw it when I got home and it seemed very applicable. The point? Now we’re done with erg testing. We’ll still do our Monday erg workouts, but the goal of the last eight weeks of erg training was to gain the fitness and consistency we demonstrated today. Now we need to shift our focus to the boats and transferring that fitness into racing speed.

This starts tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to it.


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