Updates. . .

I’ve noticed a correlation between cold weather and lack of desire to write posts. I’m not sure if anyone has a scientific explanation for this, but it seems to me that when we’re practicing in the cold I write less. So there you go.

Yes, it’s been chilly. It’s actually fantastic right now– sunny, around 47– but the mornings have been hovering right around the freezing mark. Rowing in this is pretty basic– get out, warm up as much as possible, and keep moving. Very few drills, very little stopping. The upside has been some hard work getting done the last couple of days; our athletes are probably getting tired as a result. I’ve heard the Wisconsin coach (Chris Clark, who coached the IRA-winning Wisco men last year) quoted as saying the benefit of training in cold weather is the only way to stay warm is to work very, very hard. I think there’s some truth to that.

We’ve got our first race coming up Saturday and I’m looking forward to it. We’ll be doing a dual race against Willamette University. They’ve got a strong program and I’m sure we’re in for a dogfight; it should be interesting. Our lineups have been settling down and we’ve introduced some more starts and other race-day strategies.

I’ll be sure to update post-race if not before.


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