Breakfast & Metamorphosis

The Woman’s team had a row planned this AM, but a forecast of freezing fog and sub-30 degree temperatures had me pretty reluctant to go out. We did an easy bike-erg workout plus some exercises off the fitdeck and I joined them for breakfast instead. Good fun, and nice to interact with the team outside of a practice environment.

By the way, here’s a very cool description of freezing fog:
In some areas such as in the State of Oregon, the term “freezing fog” refers to fog where water vapor is super-cooled filling the air with small ice crystals similar to very light snow. It seems to make the fog “tangible”, as if one could “grab a handful”.

This afternoon I was down at the boathouse when the Men’s team arrived for their practice. I helped out as we undertook the switching of four of our doubles into pairs; as we focus more towards racing fours and eights the pairs provide an excellent platform for skill development. We’ll keep one double rigged for reasons covered in this post.

Here’s some pictures:

Getting instructions before launching.

The guys on the dock, the river moving fast. Fishermen seem to belive a lot of the good fish are directly off the end of our dock.

We KNOW a lot of the good logs are right off the end of the dock. Lincoln snagged a big one today and repositioned it a little further away.

Should have some more HD video tomorrow; hopefully of some excellent racing. Stay tuned!


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