Adding up Minutes

Been struggling for a bit to come up with a topic for posting. Seems like we’ve fallen into the early spring groove; practices are going well (had a very nice row this morning), ergs are progressing, the team dynamic is good, and, well, nothing very dramatic is happening.

The thing is. . . THAT’S GOOD. Yes, sports are exciting at the end, in competition, in the heat of the race. But training is all about moderation. It’s about getting solid work in without going to easy and being bored, but also without going too hard and getting worked up. Steady, progressive, solid work is the key.

We try to make it interesting, of course. Tomorrow’s land workout has a little of everything; steady state on the erg, 2k pace work on the erg, steady state on the bike, weight lifting. Today was a moderate row in which we did some excellent work on connection; we’re backing off a little after tomorrow as our first 2000m test is Friday. I’m excited to turn the group loose and see how they do.


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