Bring on the new.

The first part of this post is to say I failed. Which is to say, I promised video and pictures from the erg-a-thon and took none. My apologies; the event went off successfully but I was running around during and let that detail slip. We had great participation and enthusiasm from our team and raised nearly $200 from a decent crowd towards the Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland. The best part was seeing members of the different squads come together and work HARD towards getting a ton of meters on the board and a bunch of dollars in the donation box.

Today we encoutered another chilly saturday and once more got some snow during practice; this time it was a surprise– unforecast flurries. The men took out their eight and did probably 20k+ in a long bit of steady state. The women had an eight and four out and once again did some racing pieces; the video we took turned out a little blurry but captures some of the intensity of these pieces.

One of my favorite parts of our team is how welcoming we are to newcomers. The coxswain of our four and three seat of our eight are ‘spring novice’; each has very little in-boat experience and today was their first racing practice. Both did wonderfully and have been welcomed & supported by their boatmates. The ability to gain new members to our team and have them rapidly integrated into our tight-knit group is fantastic.

Happy Valentines Day!

Four vs. Eight from Sam Taylor on Vimeo.


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