Getting into the Training

Another ergo session this morning. These aren’t very exciting to write about. The men did 5×7′ all on the erg, the women did 6×8′ switching between ergs and spin bikes. Good effort, good solid work, and lots of fitness gains, but not photogenic or super-fun to watch. Spent some time after practice today planning Friday’s session to include some interesting variations to keep things interesting.

The weather continues to be fantastic and I’m hoping for another glorious morning tomorrow. Personally I’ve had two just awesome rides in to work the last couple of days. I’m halfway through week four of my return to regular training; it’s giving me a good perspective on what the rowers are going through at the moment. Between ‘snowpocalypse‘, the holidays, and a vacation I lost my training rhythm until three weeks ago. It’s just now– after about 20 sessions– that my legs are finally starting to feel like I think they should on the bike.

I know the team is going through a similar adaptation now; in about a week and a half it’s going to start feeling really good. Right now we put in the time and prepare to push our limits in the weeks headed into races.


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