Mission and Core Values

Sometimes when I talk to non-athletes, non-rowers, those outside our sphere, they question what rowing is about and why college sports exist. It’s good for us to revisit those questions from time to time, and I did so today, working on editing our mission statement and core values. There’s a lot of touchy-feely that goes into something like this but I still think it’s important.

The team will get a copy of this at our 7:15 AM scheduling meeting tomorrow, but here’s the 20-cent blog preview for those who are reading from home.

Mission Statement

Lewis & Clark Crew is a fully supported varsity program for Men and Women. We believe in the continual development of a stable, high-quality team while ensuring the academic success of our student-athletes. We seek to excel in the student-athlete experience, the quality of our rowing and training, the character of our program, and the racing results the program achieves.

Our goal is to graduate four-year rowers who learned their best life lessons on our team, developed lasting friendships, achieved academic success, and competed at a national level.

Core Values
We will respect our opponents and prepare for competition with them seriously. We will respect our teammates and be to them as we would want them to be to us. We will respect ourselves; take pride in our successes, and work to improve on our shortcomings.

We will give our effort and commitment to each practice and leave the challenges of those practices behind once completed. We will look forward to the next practice with a sense of opportunity.

We will embrace leadership opportunities that present themselves and work to be a positive example for those around us. We understand that leadership comes through example and inspiration and we will seek each day to create it.

We will value each athlete’s goals and ambitions equally. The diversity of personalities that make up this program is a strength and opportunity.

We will be open and honest with each other. If our goals are not being met we will communicate as to why and work to resolve the issues.

We will have fun, enjoy each others company, take joy in the opportunity of rowing with each other and strive to better ourselves through this sport.


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