Working for a living.

Coaching collegiate crew is a bit of a roller coaster work environment. Out of season things get slow, sometimes very slow. As we approach the start of spring things get busy. I’ve actually been enjoying the work; the spring is the siren song we wait for all year and rowing season is what gets me the most fired up.

I’ve had some tremendous conversations with prospective students the last few days and it’s been excellent talking to some of the people who I hope will be the next generation of Pioneer rowers. They’re excited, interested, and most of all very intellectually curious. One of the best things about a school like Lewis & Clark is the level of discourse we get to have with our athletes– talking about world events, writing, and science with prospects is very cool.

On a personal note, I got fitted for contacts for the first time in my life. Very nice once you have them in, but I spent about thirty-five minutes getting the right one on this morning. Left, about two minutes. Frustrating. I’m told it gets better.

Coaches meeting in about two and a half hours– it’ll be good to see the whole staff back together again.


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