Getting out the Door

Challenging, 38 degree morning today. I was very warm and comfortable in bed and very warm and happy reading the paper with my cup of coffee this morning. The original ~hour ride was decreasing to a drive to work quickly in my head.

Step one– pack the bike bags, think, OK, I’ll do the short-short route to work (18 minutes).

Step two– bundle up really a lot, cuz’ it looks cold out there.

Step three– actually get on the bike, get started, and realize it’s not so bad. Did 47 minutes on the way into work and felt MUCH better for it.

Vacation put a dent in my own training; I had ten days total off the bike and getting started again this week has been challenging. It’s very easy not to train, especially when it’s chilly outside. But inevitably I feel great when each workout gets finished, and I’m always glad it got done. To those on the team struggling to get fired up for a workout– remember step one . Get dressed, get out the door, and promise yourself you’ll do fifteen minutes. It’s much easier once you get started and you’ll be glad you did it.

Work is going well and preparations are underway. Spent a couple hours yesterday working on oars and ordered a bunch of replacement parts today. Novice coach Meghann & I went through the weights workout about half an hour ago & things are starting to stiffen up a bit. Good workout, very time efficient. The coaches meeting is scheduled for Friday. I’m actually feeling on top of things for once.

T-minus twelve days.


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