Down Time

This week- the week after Thanksgiving, the week before reading period– is probably the single quietest one of a DIII rowing coaches calender. This has, at least, been my experience. Students are into their studies (rightly so) and we’re into the doldrums of winter; enough time has passed for the dust from fall to have settled, still quite some time before the serious ramp up to spring begins.

The practice schedule is mostly done, and I’m liking the look of it. Very symmetrical. Current athletes: be fit! It will make your life much easier the next three weeks through finals, and will help you prepare for the season.

Prospective recruits: be in touch! I know this is a time of year where a lot goes on at home as well. I’m seeing promising mentions about our early action applicants from admissions, and hopefully most will have good news. If you’re thinking about applying regular action this is a great time to get in touch– I’ve got a lot of free time to chat and would love to talk.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I got in two long rides and a hike; so far the holiday eating has yet to get to the scale.


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