A reminder. . .

This post serves as a life lesson, both for me and for our current athletes, and maybe even for a few future athletes. . .

I just got off the erg. Now, I don’t erg much anymore. I’ve turned to cycling and ride almost every day, race year round, and have a good time doing it. I put in between five and eight hours a week on the bike and consider myself in good shape.

Bike racing takes a break between the end of November and the middle of February, and I consider this a good time to do a few different things to mix up my workout routine. Thus, after a short ride up to school today I jumped on the erg for the strenuous workout of 2 x 15 minutes.

This, delicately put, kicked my ass.

The reminder is this: if you’re away from the erg, the erg is a huge challenge. If you train regularly on the erg, the erg is a powerful tool for building speed on the water.


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