Into Winter

Here’s the view for our athletes for the next twelve weeks. We had our winter training meeting Wednesday evening. With Division III rules, we can’t require or assign anything and cannot hold practices in the off season. As such everything is left up to the athletes. The primary point of the winter training meeting is to make sure the team has the knowledge to go about training themselves over the winter break; we don’t need people to get crazy fast (although that’s nice) but we do hope everyone chooses to be fit, be active, and be ready.

I drove down to Oregon State again yesterday and picked up our 10 ‘new-to-us’ ergs. They’re in great shape; new handles and a couple of other small repairs and they’ll be set to go for our spring season. It was also great to catch up with a friend and former Lewis & Clark assistant coach who’s now coaching at OSU. Our discussion reminded me that the challenges and rewards are truly all the same regardless of the level of rowing. The rules and money are different, but in the end, rowing is rowing.


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