Wet Leaves

Spent the weekend relaxing; it was wonderful. Except for the fact that the huge tree outside my house has begun its annual dump, and there was at least an hour spent raking, piling, and stuffing wet leaves into the yard waste bin. Wet leaves are the theme of cycling here as well– rain this morning and lots of leaves on the road made for a slower, more cautious commute in.

Other signs of fall are the early admission deadline come & gone. We have some excellent prospects I’m very excited about– both from an athletic standpoint and also from a personality standpoint they have the potential to bring a lot to the team. Our attention now turns to the group for regular admission; to anyone out there who’s reading but has not been in touch yet drop me an e-mail! We love to hear from you, and we can probably give you some excellent advice about your application and an idea of how you might fit in with the team.

Posts will be a little less frequent the next few weeks as we lead into the holiday season, but I’ll try to get an update up at least twice a week.

Oh, and most importantly– REMEMBER TO VOTE! If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain.


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