Wrapping it up

And just like that, our fall practices for the varsity squad are done. We finished up our last three days on the water under clear sky with great stars and something I’d never seen before on the river– shooting stars. I think I saw five or six in the last three mornings. Yesterday included one with a trail of fire across the sky. . . very cool, and distracting for a coach trying to focus.

Wednesday was some longer pieces working on rhythm, yesterday was some racing pieces vs. the men’s four, and today was a fairly short, technical row with some rate builders. We’ve been talking about getting the catch locked on, especially as the rate goes up. To all the rowers out there. . . don’t think about the catch. Be ready for it, body tall, arms long, moving with your boat on the slide, blades square, BAM! you’re in and driving.

We’re hosting the Charlie Brown regatta tomorrow, named in memorial of a great coach at Lewis & Clark and a tremendous contributor to the Portland rowing community who passed too soon from cancer. Looking forward to a fairly big race; eight schools are attending and entering anywhere from one up to about 15 boats. Should be lots of fun. We’re mentally ready and physically ready. Technique wise. . . mostly good, sometimes it’s more like:


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