In the Dark

This is not from practice this week, but it gives you some idea of why we aren’t posting a ton of video or photo evidence of our practices right now!

It’s part of the deal.

Yesterday we had an excellent row; we temporarily set aside some of our long-distance work and did some shorter pieces; 2 x 5 minutes and then a 3 minute and 2 minute piece. There was truly excellent racing and it’s good to see when the lower rate work translates well to fast rowing.

Today was another excellent row for our woman’s four, while the woman’s 8 had some challenging pieces. We’ll be back in action tomorrow and working to make a few changes, focus on some fundamentals, and get the speed we saw Wednesday back in the water.

The men have been in small boats of late and are continuing to work on developing detail skills. This is the sort of work that pays off big as we start the spring build.

This weekend we travel to Oregon State for a scrimmage/joint practice. Doing a workout with a PAC-10, Division I program will be a good challenge for the crews; my hope is that we’ll get a good sense of the effort, professionalism, and seriousness of purpose required for success at a high level. At the same time, I hope we can bring our sense of fun and love of the sport and share a bit with them about what makes Division III rowing enjoyable.


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