T-Minus 9 hours. . .

First water practice in just a few hours. It’s been very busy here. Launches went in this morning, spent the day doing paperwork and talking to athletes, then took the beginning rowing class down to the boathouse to teach them how to move boats.

Erg scores from the varsity workout today are trickling in. Some much improved on last year, some people took the summer easy. It’s always a mixed blessing to start out of shape– the first few weeks are harder but the improvement comes quickly. Fitness gains for the fit are harder to come by, but of course the peak to be reached is higher.

Novices went through their clearance today as well; tomorrow they start with learning the stroke.

Time for bed– early morning tomorrow. After all the preparation that went into the year I’m very much looking forward to getting back to what all this is about.


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