Practice #1 of 98

Day one on the water, impressions.

Several people (about half the group) swapped sides before the row today. We had a very nice improvement curve from the beginning to the end of practice

Good to see people making changes, and listening too and absorbing coaching. A thing to remember is that I only kind of know what I’m talking about; a big part of my job is helping the athletes to try something new and it’s up to them to implement the change.

I love rowing and coaching on the Willamette. This time of year, early fall, it’s fairly warm, still lush with life, and wonderful still water. A really excellent place to row.

Got to catch up with some other coaches today. The community was out in force on a Tuesday morning.

Women were out in an eight & four, men out in pairs today. The pairs looked great and I’m excited to get to use them more. One of our freshman only sculled in high school and he took his first sweep strokes today in a pair; by the end of practice it was pretty good.

Everyone, coaches included, is very happy to be back too it. Rowing is what we’re here for; it’s nice to see us out getting strokes in again.

We’re not quite ready to take on the world, but we’ve taken the first steps.


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