This is the week of meetings; the varsity women got together this morning (7 AM, testing everyone’s ability to stay awake while talking about training systems) and the coaches are getting together this evening.

This morning’s meeting was good; we started out by having everyone introduce themselves and talk about both why they are rowing and what their goals for this year are. I’m constantly reminded that everyone does this sport for a different reason; there is no one right answer. One of my favorite things about coaching this sport is working to create a common drive out of diverse motivations; when it comes together well it’s a fantastic thing.

The sculling class actually practiced yesterday– we rowed a grand total of 7k, I think. HUGE. Video of the quad below; for everyone in this boat this was either the first time sculling or the first time in many years.

Of the 8 people in the sculling class, 4 are on the team and 4 are not. It’s about the enjoyment of rowing instead of rowing for competition. I’ve enjoyed the contrast to the intensity of our team workouts.


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