Fast Standing Still

Have you ever looked at a boat and thought, DANG, that thing looks fast standing still? Yeah, our new four is like that. Novice Woman’s coach Meghann and I rigged it up this afternoon and it’s almost predatory. . . just sitting there waiting to race someone. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to take a good picture of it in the boathouse, so you’ll have to settle for some mediocre shots.
It doesn’t quite come across, does it?

Anyway, busy couple of days. We had some very good talks with potential novice athletes on Thursday. They’re excited to get started and so are we.

Friday I was in class all day and finished certified as a Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor. I can’t say the spin word because, well, I might get sued. I’ll be teaching a spin-something type course in the spring. . . I’m glad I don’t have to start on Tuesday like some of the other coaches. The big upside of this is that we have ~20 odd indoor bikes of high quality that we can use to add some variety to our workouts, especially in early spring when the weather is not so nice.

Enjoy Labor Day weekend!


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