So, Sunday was 94– down from a recorded high of 99 the day before. Tuesday’s high was 70 and brought with it high winds and RAIN in August. Rain? August? Come on.
This time of year in Oregon (July, August, September) is the paradise we who live here wait all year for. It’s the payoff for all the gray days in fall and winter, and the chaotic weather of spring. But I suppose this is what happens when we whinge about it being too hot; someone is listening and brings home a big old storm to keep us honest.

I’m just bitter because I want to race at the track this evening, rain being a serious detriment to that. I’ve been working on Novice recruiting all day– reserving rooms, making posters, answering e-mails. All of these preparations, while necessary, don’t go anywhere near as far as the positive comments from current team members– if you meet a freshman on campus and they look like a rower, tell them so!

This will be me this evening, sans the really cool wheels, and assuming the rain holds off. More importantly, soon I’ll have ACTUAL ROWING THINGS to write about, because actual rowing starts two weeks from today with the first on-the-water day for the sculling class.


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