And just like that. . .

Up early again this morning, over to the boathouse and rigged up the York, our novice men’s boat. What is it about spare parts and running out at the exact wrong time? I needed three of these today:

But we have only two. Lucky for me it’s not time critical. Obviously, it’s time to catalog our spares and order more before everything starts breaking in the fall.

Then back home, and onto the bike to ride up to work. I did two races over the hot, hot weekend, and took yesterday off. My legs felt positively creaky on the way up today, and in thinking about it I realized the road racing season is pretty much over– I maybe have one more race I can ride. Just like that. . .

This made me think about how the rowing season is fast approaching, and how sometimes it seems to drag on, right up to racing– and then, just like that, it’s over. Lesson? Remember to enjoy the process as well as the outcome! Practices, hanging out with teammates, trips to races– these in many ways are more important than what happens on the race course. Be in the moment every day and the journey will be rewarding.

As for me, I also spent the weekend building up a cyclocross bike, and I’m going to try that form of racing during the weekends this fall. It should look something like this:


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