Athletes Abound!

Fall sports are starting up– suddenly Pamplin & Zhentbauer, which have been empty all summer, are buzzing as Volleyball, Cross Country, Football and Soccer are starting their fall camps. It’s been fun seeing athletes I know, most especially the three rowing athletes who are doing fall sports.

Continuing work on the training document and also working on time standards and erg standards for the coming year and beyond. Going back through the NCAA results of my era (back to 2003, the 2nd year of DIII national competition) it’s absolutely amazing to me how both the speed and depth of competition have improved during that time. If anyone ever tells you Division III is ‘slow’, you can straight up call them a liar. But do so in a friendly way, so they don’t feel too bad about it.

If you haven’t seen the Olympic eights finals, go back and watch– fantastic rowing and racing, as always. The Canadian men set a new standard for HARD rowing– their mid-drive is punishing and the power behind the blades is evident. The US women were fantastically smooth in their speed and exemplified everything we try to coach about suspension and economy of motion. To our current athletes: watch the video of the US Women every day, please. If we row like that, things will go very well indeed.


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