Busy Busy

You can tell Fall is fast approaching as we had our first athletic staff meeting of the year; we started the day introducing some of the new people on staff and telling stories about embarrassing moments as an icebreaker. Let me just say that some of the new coaches on staff have some FANTASTIC stories.

Also met with two prospective students today, one yesterday. Meeting with people and talking about what we do here is one of my favorite things to do. A highlight is getting to hear why everyone gets into this sport and what they get out of it. I’ve also been able to restate the basic goals of the program to several people-

–> Be very fit.
–> Row Perfectly.
–> Have an absolute blast.

Quote of the day comes from a Row2k report from Sunday’s Olympic Heats: “The Danes look pretty darn good, I have to say, and they go damn hard, as always – even in their practice start before the race, they were just going bananas on the end of the oar.”

Even at the very highest level, it’s still pretty simple.


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