This morning I dragged myself out of bed early and rode the bike over to the boathouse. Some of the local masters helped me get our JV/Novice women’s boat– the Beyond Measure– down from the rack and I spent a few hours fixing some hull damage and rigging the boat.

I made a resolution this year that I’d do this to all the boats this summer– it’s been some time since I personally went over them all with a fine tooth comb.

The boathouse was very, very quiet, except for my radio and the small yapping dog that lives next door. A big contrast to the organized chaos of our practices as we try to get boats on the water as quickly as possible.

These are before and after shots of the work today. One boat done, about twelve to go. In the background you can see our new pairs fleet, five high and topped with the local canoe/kayak clubs 4-man sprint boat– known to us as the giant purple people eater.


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