Sent an e-mail to the team today after finalizing our fall schedule. We’re only rowing five weeks this fall but we look to have a total of 4 races on the schedule; it’s going to be short but competitive.

As a result of the compressed schedule there’s going to be a need for the team to take responsibility for a large part of their preparation. In order for us to have the fitness base to go fast in only five weeks the team must be training and preparing on their own in the late summer.

My own racing is also ramping up as the summer winds to a close. Having taken ten days off the bike a couple of weeks ago while I was on vacation I’m feeling the effects of lack of preparation now. Did an hour and forty minutes on my way into work today working towards rebuilding my base mileage. The State Time Trial Championships is this weekend– hopefully the legs will come around.

The longer I coach and compete in endurance sports the more I realize that there is no secret to success and all speed is built on a foundation of work. Those who win are those who are willing to put in the preparation.


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