Favorite Practices

Many times, practices seem to blur together; a couple of weeks will go by with the same rhythm. Race work this day, steady state the next, technical drills done two or three times a week, and by the end things seem a little stale.

Some practices stand out in sharper contrast. Lewis & Clark was fortunate enough to have a talented photographer on our squad from 2004-2007; she rode in the launch one day and captured one of my favorite practices on film.

In late March of 2006 we moved our squad up to Vancouver Lake on the last day of spring break and the day before the NCRC Invitational Regatta. The Women’s Varsity 8 and JV8 did two trips up & down the course and did three sets of six by 15 on at race pace, 10 off. I remember this workout because the sun was shining, the lake was perfect, and the boats moved tremendously well and keyed off each other to perfection.

It is a great joy of coaching to watch two fast crews challenge each other.

See the photo set here. All pictures are credit to Chelsea Henrich 07′.


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