Time Away

It seems somehow appropriate that the first post on this blog should be about vacation; what we do in summer is take a deep breath, step back, evaluate all that happened last year and work to make changes for the future.

I spent the last 10 days away from home in a place where there is no phone or e-mail. It was a wonderful place, very quiet and very big. Surprisingly, when I’m so far away, much of what I think about is rowing and I find that it’s a fantastic time for working through things in my head. Much thought was given to training for next year and what has worked well in the past.

In the office again today I found my mind was clear again and things were very productive; we have several projects with our boats and launches that will start this week. Most exciting are three new boats in Seattle which need to get picked up and the twelve sets of sculling blades which are on their way.


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